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Acting Response Format (Autosaved) - ACTING RESPONSE FORMAT...

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ACTING RESPONSE FORMAT Following these instructions and be sure to save this document on your disc or hard drive with a Microsoft Word only word-processing program. While watching the play, be sure to especially observe the words, actions and believability of the key characters; and, be sure to pay attention to how the various production elements are used. Name your document with a ".doc" extension (ex: “diamonds.doc”). To ensure that you answer all questions, it may be wise to respond to the questions directly into this document. That is, following each question within this document that you have previously saved, answer each question using specific examples from the production. Finally, erase the questions and your answers alone will remain. Do not forget to erase the questions after you have successfully responded to all questions. Save your document, again. Next, go online to . Find your class list and click into CTAR 158. Go to Dropbox . Then, post your completed Directing Response to me in the Dropbox for our class under . CONTENT Your review should include the following information: Paragraph: What is your basic response to the production? Why? Provide a specific character action/dialogue or descriptive example from the production to support your opinions and ideas. I liked the play overall, it was just a little weird and a little hard to understand.
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Acting Response Format (Autosaved) - ACTING RESPONSE FORMAT...

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