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Copy and paste this information into a blank Microsoft Word document. Answer the following questions regarding your Monologue performance on a Microsoft Word document, and post it in the appropriate Dropbox basket. Keep the questions intact. Save the document with a name that ends in ".doc" (comicjournal.doc). Be sure to respond completely to all questions. MONOLOGUE JOURNAL Name Garrett Johnson____________________________________ Date _March 24, 2009 Play _Sign of the zooman_______ _______________ Character _____________________________Zooman 1. Did you completely and securely memorize your monologue? Why or why not? On what DATE did you finalize your memorization? Yes, did I was just getting some lines mixed up. I had it memorized a week before the presentation. 2. Did you concentrate on and maintain a clear focal point throughout? What was your focal point? Yes, I focused on what I had to do very well. My focal point was to become a very evil character. 3. Did you create and maintain belief through concentration? Why or why not?
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Monologue Journal (Autosaved) - Copy and paste this...

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