micro culture - life Where I come from there aren’t a lot...

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Garrett Johnson March 16, 2009 Intercultural communication Micro cultures One Micro culture I belong to is the city I’m from. I’m from Detroit, MI and I’m influence by the youth of that city. Most youth of the city is influenced by hip hop. Hip hop has a big affect on the youth of Detroit and has had a big affect on my life. This influence has an effect on how we behave. From what we hear, what we see from movies and how we dress. Hip hop has a huge influence on kids from Detroit. I currently don’t live in Detroit (just moved to Southfield, Mi) but, this city already took its effect on my life. My experience from what I’ve seen, heard, and all the negativity and positive things has had an effect on my life. These things influence the way I think and behave in
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Unformatted text preview: life. Where I come from, there aren’t a lot of positive things to look at sometimes. Some people just don’t have the security that some of us had in life. So, that’s why you may see people do drug, sell drugs, kill people, and do all kinds of bad things only because that all they see. People who grow up around that usually do it or become a part of that life style. I just became a born again Christian almost two years ago, so that took me away from some of that negativity that I was around. Church was my escape from the life I was always around. I feel safe and calm at church it’s like my second home. Being a Christian is another micro culture I’m in because our bible tells us to act Godly....
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micro culture - life Where I come from there aren’t a lot...

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