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culural behaviors - culture can say things that others...

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Garrett Johnson February 16, 2009 Intercultural communication What are some of my strong cultural behaviors? Well, there are a lot of things I do that comes from the culture I live in. One is in which the way I dress. I come from the city of Detroit, and the youth of the city is brought up by hip hop. Our music, fashion, and choice of words are influenced by the hip hop culture. The way I dress is outgoing, loud, and flamboyant. When you see me you will be able to tell that I’m influenced by hip hop culture. Another one of my strong cultural behaviors is the way I carry myself. The way I talk to people, who I talk to, and the way I think. Within my culture we kid around with each other a lot. We can sometimes say mean things to our friends but not mean any of it at all. People within my
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Unformatted text preview: culture can say things that others don’t have any idea of the meaning, but my friends and I would understand each other clearly. When people ask me why do I act or behave that way, I just tell them “hey, that’s the way I grew up”. What can I say? I love myself so much and I’m glad God made me who I am. I wouldn’t change for the world. Even though people question it all the time, I just continue to be myself and do the things that my peers love me for. The last thing that I call a strong cultural behavior of mines is playing basketball. Growing up I used to watch a lot of basketball. So I used to go to the basketball court and try to repeat what I saw on TV. Those are a few of my culture behaviors....
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