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IS 215 – Fall 2008 Assignment 1: Create Your accounts Assigned Date: 1/7/09 Due Date: 1/12/09 Possible points: 10 Part I: Register your pageout class account. 1. Go to the class web site at 2. Click the IS 215 link 3. Click “ Student Registration” link. 4. Click “Create New Account”. 5. Please enter the following information and click the "Create" button to create your new PageOut® Student Account. 6. In The External Student ID field, enter your EMICH ID . 7. In the E-Mail Address field, enter your EMICH email address . First Name (required) Garrett Last Name (required) Johnson User ID (required) Crazycool12 Maximum of 15 characters. Only lower-case letters, numbers, and dashes "-" are allowed. User Password (required) Hollen12 Maximum of 15 characters. Verify Password (required) Hollen12 External Student ID E00894049 Maximum of 20 characters. Only lower-case letters, numbers, and dashes
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Unformatted text preview: "-" are allowed. E-Mail Address (required) Phone Number Fax Number Privacy Please Part II: Create account with a subdirectory IS215. 1. If you dont have a account yet, then you need to activate your account first, by following the instruction from the link. Activating your account is easy . 2. Click the customized Secure Shell Suite link on the same page, to download and install a SFPT client onto your own computer. 1 3. Open the SFPT client, login with your ID and password, right click, then click Create Directory from the drop-down menu, enter IS215 under your account. 4. Upload the Assignment 1 file to your directory. 2...
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Assignment 1 - "-" are allowed....

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