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Garrett Johnson Nov 18, 2008 English 121 What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games for Children? Video games have been out for the past 30 years. In that time children began playing video games for increasing amounts of time, and the games themselves became more graphically violent over time. Parents, educators, physicians, researchers, and I began to question what impact video games might have. Similar to earlier studies about TV, the data about children's video game habits may come with risk factors for health and poor academic performance. When video game play is analyzed for violent content, additional risk factors are observed for aggressive behavior and violence. Video games are natural teachers. Children find them highly motivating. Children are actively engaged with them: they provide repeated practice and they include rewards for skillful play. These facts make it likely that video games could have large effects; game designers intend some may, and may not be intended. Given the fact that video games are able to have several positive effects, it should come as no surprise that they also can have negative effects. It has been has documented that negative effects of video games on children's physical health include obesity and video-induced seizures. And with every video game manually they warn u about video game seizures and the effect they can have on eyes. I don’t know what videos can do to you but in this paper I will find out the advantages and disadvantages that they have on kids. The biggest concern about video games is whether or not violent games produce violent behavior in children who play team. A study performed by “Children Now “in 2001 found that the content among the Top-10 best-selling video games:
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89% contained some form of violence, half of that percentage resulted in damage to a character. 79% of E-rated games (suitable for children ages 6 and older) contained some form of violence and lacked gender and ethnic diversity. (Children Now) Video games play on the user’s emotions. Scientists are worried that this may stimulate the brain’s right lobe, which does emotion processing, without stimulating the left lobe, which is more rational and puts things into context. This may be the answer to why violent video games can be correlated with aggressive behavior. Researchers have found, the more realistic the game is, the stronger the negative impact (Walling) In addition to the negative aspect of video games being violent, they can also be quite addictive. In this new age of technology, children are spending much more time playing video games and watching television. The immediate reinforcement children get when playing video games allows them to become addicted more quickly than with other activities where the rewards come later (Jenish). According to “Journal of Adolescence” studies have shown that gaming companies
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english paper 3 - Garrett Johnson English 121 What are the...

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