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Garrett Johnson September 18, 2008 English 121 Free choice of will in Life Thesis statement I agree and disagree with De Beauvoir’s theory on human choice. People have free choice of will and choose different paths. People should also know that the path they choose may not be the right one. I’m going to tell you that there is free choice in life which is influenced by others. Some of the main points I will be focusing on are: Law gives us a sense of direction; all people have free choice, and my Christian way of living. I agree that all people have free moral choice. You can be whatever you want in life. You can do whatever you want to do. You can say whatever you want to say. Basically what I’m saying is that you have that freedom. Life has no boundaries of anything you can do. The thing that makes us lose that freedom of choice is the same reason why we have it. If we exercise all of our free reign which sometimes is evil, our world would be worst off. That’s the reason why man created law. Law gives us a sense of direction and leadership. Law gives us a path to go towards that keeps us from doing wrong. Law is able to tame us in a sense because we as people do dumb things and very evil things. With freedom there is no path, it’s just a lot of roaming around doing nothing. Freedom without law is scary and unwise .That’s freedom but not all freedom is good. De Beauvoir asks a question, “Why must I act this way?” I say, “No man makes you do
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anything you don’t want to do”. People influence you to act a certain way. You yourself have the choice to follow or not to follow what they’re saying. The Bible states that you have freedom of
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english paper 1 - Garrett Johnson English 121 Free choice...

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