characters - a closet homosexual who struggles with that...

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Garrett Johnson Nov 20, 2008 Intro to theatre Character casting for Angels in America Kim Basinger as Harper Kin Basinger is the perfect actress for this role. I see her as someone who is strong but also as a train wreck. In this play she will have the opportunity to become both. Her Role in “8 mile” and also her role in the original “Batman” are the main reasons why I choose her for this play. She was a strong woman who at a time stood up to the joker in batman and she was an emotional wreck in 8 mile trying to overcome her struggles in live. Hugh Laurie as Joe I choose Hugh Laurie because of his role on the TV series “House”, he can easy simulate any type of serious character. He has a serious look which is good for a lawyer and a Mormon. His age (49) is perfect for the role of a lawyer looking forward the white house. In the play Joe is
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Unformatted text preview: a closet homosexual who struggles with that fact so, he can’t look homosexual and Hugh Laurie doesn’t look homosexual. Eric McCormack as Prior His familiarity with playing a gay character is why I choose him. He’s a pretty young looking guy (looks about mid to late 30s) which is another reason why I choose him. He’ll be able to play this role because he is a veteran at it. Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis His role in Brokeback Mountain is why I choose this actor. Like Eric McCormack he also he a familiarity with playing a Homosexual role. He has a great understanding of acting because of his families deep roots in the industry. When he grows facial hair on his face he has a Jewish look. That will only help him because he is portraying a Jewish character. His character becomes very guilty and Gyllenhaal portrays emotions very well....
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characters - a closet homosexual who struggles with that...

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