CE review - the Oval office because of his dad who is a...

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Garrett Johnson Nov 10, 2008 Current event review Obama arrives at the white house President-elect Barack Obama meets president bush in the Oval Office, a visit that comes between the historic shift of power for a new president. Bush publicly stated that he would give a warm welcome two the Obama family after Obama’s historic victory last Tuesday. President- elect Obama and wife Michelle arrived at the South Portico with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush waiting for them at the White House. Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Obama enjoyed a warm greeting, while the president and his successor exchanged smiles and greetings. It was the president’s first visit to the white house since his huge victory over Senator John McCain and his first ever visit to the Oval Office (unlike bush who knew his way around
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Unformatted text preview: the Oval office because of his dad who is a former president). The president and the president-elect then headed to the Oval Office to discussion future plans for our country. Bush who had endorsed McCain later said: Obamas victory was a triumph the American story. Obama later thanked the president for being gracious. The president-elect has made it clear to the American people and those watching around the world that there is only one president for now, and that's Bush. Obama says that hes just waiting his turn. Obama is in the transition to power but does not assume the presidency position until Jan. 20....
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CE review - the Oval office because of his dad who is a...

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