review 2 - who were going to a Halloween party dressed as...

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Garrett Johnson Nov 3, 2008 Intro to theatre Just too short I entered the Quirk Theatre with lots of anticipation, I left Quirk Theatre disappointed. As I walk over to the theatre I was a little nervous because I had not been to a haunted house for a long time. But, I also wasn’t so nervous at the same time because it was being done by Eastern Michigan University actors, so how scary could it be? As I waited in line all I could think about was: “Man, I can’t walk for this 2 be over”, but man was it over quick (it lasted about two minute’s tops). The acting was ok for the most part, some were scary most weren’t, they did a pretty good job at hiding themselves from the people who were in the haunted house. The make-up was average as well. Most of the actors didn’t even look like real zombies; they looked like people
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Unformatted text preview: who were going to a Halloween party dressed as zombies. But for the most part they looked ok but, not good enough for a haunted house. The first room was the best part of the haunted house. It was dark, scary; the actors were banging on the walls and screaming. After that the visual designs were not good at all. I lost all hope because after the first room the rest of the haunted house had too much light. There shouldnt have been light in the hallways because when I saw light I became unafraid. I thought the rest of the way should have had a dark or at least a dim light scenery. Overall they could have done a better job on it....
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review 2 - who were going to a Halloween party dressed as...

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