conditions of equality

conditions of equality - than people think One way I can...

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Garrett Johnson October 28, 2008 Fundamentals of public speaking The condition of equality “The condition of equality” shows that all members in the audience are equal in giving valid perspectives of worthy exploration. In this type of condition you use language, delivery, and a presentation of ideas that let your audience know that their knowledge and perspectives are as good for them as yours are to you. In “The condition of equality” you and your audience are equal participants in dialogue. So, your audience is able to give their perspectives and ideas or even question the speaker. This condition creates a sense of welcome that encourages the audience to share their perspectives with the speaker. This condition can help me in lots of positive ways. This type of condition happens more
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Unformatted text preview: than people think. One way I can remember this condition being in speech is school teaching. School teachers give this type of speech which involves feedback, perspectives, and audience participation. This condition can help give life to my speeches, and keeps my audience involved and awake. This condition shows that, I care about my audience’s knowledge, ideas, and perspectives which in turn helps my speech in positive ways. In conclusion “The condition of equality” helps give everybody involve a voice. It involves the audience and makes them equal with the speaker. It helps the speaker in a sense of not thinking he’s more superior than the audience. The question I have is this type of condition better than regular types of speeches...
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conditions of equality - than people think One way I can...

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