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Maxine Amadi Ford and Carter 1. Terms September 1974, new president Gerald R. Ford pardons Nixon - Tries to move country past Watergate; loses much public support Jimmy Carter promises to restore integrity to presidency - defeats Ford by narrow margin National Energy Act —encourages conservation, U.S. energy sources - National Energy Act, conservation cut foreign oil dependence Carter’s foreign policy promotes human rights —basic freedoms Camp David Accords forge peace between Israel, Egypt: - Israel withdraws from Sinai Peninsula - Egypt recognizes Israel’s right to exist Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini leads overthrow of shah - establishes Islamic state 2. Ford made a good decision by pardoning Nixon because Ford needed to prevent the
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Unformatted text preview: country from dealing with a trial and it restored the confidence held for the presidency . 3. The actions taken by Presidents Ford and Carter to address the country’s economic downturn were similar because both emphasized energy conservation and battled Congress and the differed because Ford put more stress on charitable citizen action, whereas Carter highlighted government action. 4. I agree with President Carter that human rights concerns should steer U.S. foreign policy because U.S. has a duty to stand up for human rights and mostly has made it it’s concern to adhere to standing up for peoples human rights around the world....
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