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Holden Caulfield letter - boys They were all morons and...

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Holden Caulfield Emotional Therapy Center 185 New York Boulevard New York, 1045-01375 Dear Jane, How are you doing Jane? I really do not know what to say to you since I have not heard from you since or talked to you in awhile. Missed you as hell. I don’t want to sound corny or nothing but I had a swell time with you that summer we were together. I heard about your date with the bunny Stradlater. Drove me crazy as hell. Stradlater thinks he’s such a hotshot, playing basketball and all that. Well he’s full of horse manure. That's the crop. It stinks to know you went on that date with him. You might be wondering where I am right now. Well I’m not in the club house. No law has caught up with me yet. I’m sure Phoebe told you they chucked me out of Pencey too like all my other schools. Well, that school did not give me a kick over anything. Just plain rich white
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Unformatted text preview: boys. They were all morons and phonies. I felt it necessary for me to horse around that school. I am writing this letter, not to spit out crap about crumby feelings about my life and what I doing now but to give up the juice on where I am right now. Phoebe gave me a buzz and told me you went back to Maine. Thought I should give you a call for you to visit me at my therapy center. I have been thinking about you most of the time. Im really bumping the gums here. Jane, would you come and visit me at the therapy center before I drift off somewhere again? You know I gave you a buzz once but your mother picked up the phone. Dont tell your mama if you are coming, you know she hates me as hell. She will stop you from coming and Jane it will kill me if I dont see you very soon. Yours sincerely, Holden Caulfield....
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