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Jane Gallagher letter

Jane Gallagher letter - my family Holden My father is sick...

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Jane Gallagher 135 St Monica Street Maine, US 347348 Dear Holden, Hi. This is a strange letter, Holden. We have not seen each other for a while and you have not ever called me since we dated the summer before you left for Pencey prep. Do not understand why I have to come visit you Holden. I guess you would have known about the date with Stradlater. You know he did not even know my name. He called me someone else’s name. I don’t even remember what he said. I cannot believe he told me I should have worn something else than what I had worn. When you and I were dating we used to hold hands, sit close to each other, I could put my hand on the back of your neck, I miss those times. But Holden we were not really that close like you think. You did not even say hi when I came by your school when I was going out with Ward. Holden I cannot come and visit you at the therapy center. I am starting my life over away from
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Unformatted text preview: my family, Holden. My father is sick now and my aunt decided to put him in a home. Holden, I can be free now and do whatever I want. Yes, I’m in Maine right now but not for long. I am going to stay with my aunt in Los Angeles with her family and find a job there. When I heard about to running away from school and doing your own thing, I followed your steps and now I am free to do what I want for me. I did not date Ward after that first date. Well he said we should stop seeing each other. When he came to see me he blamed me for a fight he had with you, accusing me of getting him into trouble at school. I laughed in his face Holden, told him to breeze off, and take a hike. I guess my kings are now in the front of the chessboard. Maybe I will come visit you when you come back home so we could play another game. This time my kings are fighting head on. Yours sincerely, Jane Gallagher...
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