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Nixon - Abolished Office of Economic Opportunity SALT I...

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Maxine Amadi Nixon 1. Terms Richard M. Nixon : president who decreases size and influence of federal government New Federalism —gives part of federal power to state, local government Nixon proposes revenue sharing , which becomes law in 1972: state, local governments now decide how to spend federal money Family Assistance Plan gives family of four a base income Southern strategy —appeal to dislike of desegregation, Supreme Court Stagflation —combination of high inflation, high unemployment Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) controls prices Realpolitik —foreign policy based on power issues, not ideals, morals Nixon, Kissinger follow policy of détente —easing Cold War tensions 1972, Nixon visits Moscow; he, Brezhnev sign SALT I Treaty : Strategic Arms, limitation Talks limit missiles to 1972 levels Promoted Change Slowed change Revenue sharing program Impounded federal funds Family assistance plan
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Unformatted text preview: Abolished Office of Economic Opportunity SALT I Treaty Opposed school busing 2. 1. Terms • H. R. Haldeman , White House chief of staff • John Ehrlichman , chief domestic adviser • John Mitchell , Nixon’s former attorney general • Committee to Reelect the President break into Democratic headquarters • Watergate scandal is administration attempt to cover up break-in destroy documents, try to stop investigation, buy burglars’ silence • Judge John Sirica presides burglars’ trial, thinks did not act alone • Saturday Night Massacre : Richardson resigns; deputy refuses, fired Cox’s replacement, Leon Jaworski, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns, revealed he accepted bribes • House Judiciary Committee approves 3 articles of impeachment : formal accusation of wrongdoing while in office -charges: obstruction of justice, abuse of power, contempt of Congress...
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