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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon bokov.htm History and Background Nabokov was from a wealthy Russian family and like Humbert inherited from Uncle. Nabokov taught at Wellesley College and Cornell University, delivering highly acclaimed lectures on Flaubert, Joyce, Turgenev, Tolstoy, and others. Humbert thought in various colleges too Nabokov liked writing and butterfly hunting. Humbert talked about his love for butterflies too. Amis, Martin. Martin Amis on Lolita. 1992. 1 April 2011 http://www.ra m/features/na bokov/ ml . Lolita is only the creation of Humbert and his encounters are not reliable to use as judge Lolita’s character Humbert is surpassingly cruel in using Lolita for the play of his wit and the play of his prose--his prose, which sometimes resembles the 'sweat-drenched finery' that 'a brute of forty' may casually and legally shed (in both hemispheres, as a scandalized Humbert notes) before thrusting 'himself up to the hilt into his youthful bride Humbert is as cruel to Lolita as
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secondary notes - http/ bokov.htm...

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