There are four major categories of ecommerce

There are four major categories of ecommerce - personal...

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There are four major categories of ecommerce; B2B which is business to business such as the wholesaler to retailer, B2C which is business to consumer such as the retailer to the customer, C2B which is consumer to business such as a project offered from the consumer to the business, C2C which is consumer to consumer such as online classified. There are several types of electronic payment systems. This is where you use a credit or debit card issued from you bank which gives consumers the option of not carrying cash and also making purchases online. Some also allow for simply using your banking information to use a check online, whereas the purchase amount comes directly out of your checking account. This also works for paying bills online and automated phone systems to pay bills. An electronic billing presentment and payment systems is a system that regulates routine monthly bills. A digital wallet is when the consumer does not need to input their
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Unformatted text preview: personal information into the system each time they make a purchase, their information is saved. Paypal is an example of this type of system. I use a debit card for the majority of my transactions, not only do I have some digital wallets but I also make some one-time payments online for purchases. I typically use my bank to pay bills, whereas they send out an electronic check or regular check depending on the receiver. Business to business ecommerce is supported by internet technology through a variety of ways, such as transactions are automatically submitted and saves money through the elimination of printing papers as well as saving time because the receiver does not have to input the data. Businesses can search for suppliers that offer the lowest price and review their online catalog for products, place orders, make payments, and arrange shipping....
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