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Executive Summary Motion economy is the simplification and reduction of body motions to simplify and reduce work content. It helps achieve productivity and reduce Cumulative Trauma at the workstation or sub-micro level. The Principles of Motion Economy eliminate wasted motion, ease operator tasks, reduce fatigue and minimize cumulative trauma such as Carpal Tunnel and tendonitis. Utilizing the principles of motion economy is a great way to improve the cycle times for each task, and reduce fatigue and unnecessary movements by the worker, as shown in the two methods of the lab. The first method of the lab, and first principle of motion economy, is the use of the human body. In the lab, one person of each group of two had to fill a peg board in two different ways: with one hand horizontally from right to left, and with two hands vertically from top to bottom. In both groups, the two-hand method was dramatically faster with an average increased time of 4.5 seconds for Imran and Matt’s group and 6.3 seconds for Megan and Alex’s group, as shown in
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