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WK_7_Baney_Robert - objects in 3-D when they are displayed...

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These tests are not accurate in my opinion. The only way that these tests can be accurate is if they only compare people in similar living conditions and age groups. If this test took these possibilities into consideration I would agree. The test says that I have a score of 101 and the average of all test takers was 100. I would not say I am better than anyone else but I fully believe that I am the most intelligent person that I know. The test did seem a little bias in the sense that not everyone is good at math or good at seeing
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Unformatted text preview: objects in 3-D when they are displayed in a flat two dimension broke down. I think that this test is a good way to see how people in the same age group and mental compactly compare to others in the same categories. I think it is ok to compare people with these tests, but it would only be fair and accurate if the test was conducted and compared to people in the same situation and age, and similar mental composites....
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