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Lina Luongo Obesity Homework 1. The obesity epidemic is a result of the interaction of genetics and environment. Obesity isn’t the result of genetics alone, but also the surroundings and eating habits of an individual. 2. It is a general rule that an individual has a 40% chance of being obese if they have one obese parent, and a 80% chance if both parents are obese. It has been proven that genetics are factored into these statistics; studies have been done on adopted children and identical twins to test genetics vs. environment. Some adopted children with both obese birth parents grow up to be obese, even if their adoptive parents raised
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Unformatted text preview: them in a healthy eating environment. 3. Rates of obesity are typically higher among poor and minority populations. 4. A feed forward synergistic cycle is parents making sure their children are eating right and setting them up to maintain healthy eating habits in the future. 5. To avoid the childhood obesity epidemic, parents should teach children healthy eating habits. They should stock the household with nutritious and delicious food instead of junk food. Making healthy lunches and making sure your child exercises are also important factors. And lastly, parents should model good eating habits for their children....
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