part 8 exercise training - Lecture 8: Principles of...

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1 Lecture 8: Principles of Exercise Training What is the difference between muscular strength, power, and endurance? Define strength. What is the 1-repetition maximum? What is power? What factors are necessary to calculate power? Define muscular endurance. What body changes result from increased muscular endurance? What is Aerobic power? What measurement is used as the equivalent of aerobic power? What body system provides the greatest limitation to aerobic power? What are the 6 general principles applied to physical training? Strength Strength is the maximal force a muscle group can generate. Maximum capacity or strength is defined by the 1-repetition maximum. 1-repetition maximum (1RM) The maximal weight the individual can lift just once- Muscular power Power is the rate of performing work Power = (force) x (distance / time) OR Power = strength x speed Maximal muscular power is the explosive aspect of strength and involves the strength and speed of movement. If two individuals have the same strength, the individual who requires less time to move an identical load the same distance has more power.
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2 Muscular endurance Muscular endurance is the capacity to sustain repeated muscle actions or a single static contraction Estimating muscular endurance : Assess the maximum number of repetitions that can be performed at a percentage of the 1RM. Increasing muscular endurance involves: -gains in muscular strength -changes metabolic and circulatory function Comparison of 3 athletes – A= focus on increasing strength – B= focus on increasing speed – C= focus on increasing endurance
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part 8 exercise training - Lecture 8: Principles of...

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