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BURKE-LITWIN 1 Education Pioneers/ExED – Burke-Litwin Model Terrance McKnight Teachers College – Columbia University November 26, 2010
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BURKE-LITWIN 2 Education Pioneers/ExED – Burke-Litwin Model Note: Education Pioneers (EdP) hired the author to work an educational consulting internship for its partner, Excellent Education Development (ExED), an organization that provides backoffice support for urban charter schools in Southern California. The internship consisted of working at ExED daily; however, several days were spent with the staff and other employees of EdP in professional development workshops. The Burke-Litwin Model is a consulting tool used to analyze an organization through twelve contexts. The qualitative data compiled through the model is used to help the organization develop through strategic alliance of its goals and work practices. The twelve factors of the model are split into transformation factors and transactional factors. Transformation factors are led by visionary leadership, and include external environment, mission and strategy, and organizational culture. The latter two factors were elaborated upon in a previous journal. Thus, this paper shall expound on the eight transactional factors, which are led by management: structure, management practices, work/unit climate, systems, task requirements and individual skills/abilities, motivation, individual needs and values, and individual and organizational performance. I worked directly with management at ExED; EdP, being a national firm, did not offer that same opportunity. Therefore, the focus will be on ExED for the remainder of this journal. Structure is the manner in which resources are aligned in order to carry out the mission
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Burke-Litwin - BURKE-LITWIN 1 Education Pioneers/ExED...

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