Career Choices using Gottfredson's Theory

Career Choices using Gottfredson's Theory - Terrance...

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Terrance McKnight CCPJ 5062 Dr. Vinson Assignment #2 9/30/09 I never thought that I subconsciously eliminated any career choices prior to reading about Gottfredson’s Theory of Circumscription and Compromise. Looking back, I now know that I more than likely eliminated occupations such as lion tamer, ballerina, and gymnast a long time ago. So while it is evident that unconscious circumscription has been as much a part of my life as anyone else’s, I shall devote the remainder of this paper discussing conscious circumscription and compromise. This is due to the fact that, like many young adults, I have spent much time in self-exploration trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to be when I “grow up”. The occupations of accountant, consultant, school administrator, and high school football coach are occupations that I have, or could envision, myself fulfilling at some point in life. Professional football player, medical doctor, police officer, and factory worker are occupations that I have deemed undesirable or unattainable for various reasons. Although my tolerable sex- type boundary is feminine in nature, all of my realistic occupations are, in my opinion, either gender-neutral or highly masculine. I consider myself to be a talented individual both in intellectual and physical ability; therefore, medical doctor is the only occupation that lies above my tolerable-effort boundary. However, both police officer and factory worker lie below my tolerable-level boundary, for different reasons that will be discussed later. Professional football player is the only undesired occupation that lies within my realistic aspiration realm; the fact that
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Career Choices using Gottfredson's Theory - Terrance...

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