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LAUSD Culture - Terrance McKnight Reflection Paper #3 for...

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Terrance McKnight Reflection Paper #3 for Class Session 6 on Culture Culture affects every aspect of an organization. It guides employee behavior, and shapes what the organization stands for. Culture is usually so ingrained within the practice and beliefs of an organization that it is unchangeable without drastic, transformative action and leadership. Culture normally has historical undertones, as it takes years for an organization to develop a strong one; in addition, the foundation for a culture is usually set by the founder of the organization. Despite this, this trait of organizations is often the most underrated and overlooked aspect of any organization. It is rarely referenced when performance-based recommendations are made for changing an organization; this is also the case within education. It can be inferred that this is because there is no way to objectively and quantifiably measure culture. Culture could be described using the “elephant-in-the-room” cliché phrase; something that is always present, but is oft unseen, or at the very least, unnoticed. In order to obtain a sense of culture, one has to be physically present in an organization. Thus, this paper will not touch on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as previous papers have; I have never been employed within the confines of LAUSD. Instead, this paper will expound upon the sense of culture gathered firsthand within two organizations: Education Pioneers (EdP), an educational outsourcing firm; and Excellent Education Development (ExED), an educational mediating organization that provides backoffice support for urban charter schools in Southern California. My only academic or professional experience in education prior to taking this course has been in
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LAUSD Culture - Terrance McKnight Reflection Paper #3 for...

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