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MOTIVATION 1 Education Pioneers/ExED – Motivation Theory Terrance McKnight Teachers College – Columbia University November 26, 2010
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MOTIVATION 2 Education Pioneers/ExED – Motivation Theory Note: Education Pioneers (EdP) hired the author to work an educational consulting internship for its partner, Excellent Education Development (ExED), an organization that provides backoffice support for urban charter schools in Southern California. The internship consisted of working at ExED daily; however, several days were spent with the staff and other employees of EdP in professional development workshops. Thus, the author will touch on both organizations in this paper, as his time was split between the two entities. Motivation, as defined in a prior journal, is comprised of the internal and external stimuli that influence our desire to achieve, affiliate, and obtain power. The process is both conscious and unconscious. Climate, job/skill match, individual needs and values, and performance all impact motivation. There have been many theories used to explain motivation; these theories can be bucketed into the categories of Needs, Expectancy, and Job Characteristics. A comprehensive recollection of my internship experience will be given through the lens of a few of these theories; specifically, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Vroom’s VIE Theory, and
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Motivation - MOTIVATION 1 Education Pioneers/ExED...

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