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PERCEPTIONS Education Pioneers/ExED – Perceptions Terrance McKnight Teachers College – Columbia University November 23, 2010
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PERCEPTIONS Education Pioneers/ExED – Perceptions Note: Education Pioneers (EdP) hired the author to work an educational consulting internship for its partner, Excellent Education Development (ExED), an organization that provides backoffice support for urban charter schools in Southern California. The internship consisted of working at ExED daily; however, several days were spent with the staff and other employees of EdP in professional development workshops. Thus, the author will touch on both organizations in this paper, as his time was split between the two entities. The role of intern, though different in function, was perceived in a similar fashion at both EdP and ExED. Both organizations referred to interns as Fellows; this designation alone comes with unspoken expectations that are higher than that of an intern. Most people in the workplace conjure images of high-status and/or high-paid outside consultants when they think of a fellow; conversely, interns are oft thought of as being lower in the organizational structure than entry- level employees. At EdP, the role of the Fellows were to opine on various educational topics during workshops, as well as work collaboratively to help reform the urban school landscape through various activities. In addition, Fellows were to represent the organization in a professional manner at their respective partner organizations. The role at ExED was rather unique, as I did not perform the daily work of the firm; instead of utilizing my financial analysis skills to assist
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Perceptions - PERCEPTIONS Education Pioneers/ExED...

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