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SIMULATION REFLECTION Supplemental Assignment – Simulation Reflection Terrance McKnight Teachers College – Columbia University 1
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SIMULATION REFLECTION During the weekend simulation, I, like my classmates, performed in two roles, each with their own implications, responsibilities, and relation to the other roles. I first was a customer, and then a bottom. As a customer, it was much more difficult to see the dynamics of the entire system than it was as a bottom; I believe that this was due to the fact that the customers were not an internal component of CCI. For example, it took over fifteen minutes for the customers to notice that the bottoms were not wearing any shoes. Another example is that the boundaries that were set within CCI were not communicated or acknowledged by the customers; thus, the customers oftentimes found themselves conducting business with every level of the organization, although that was not how the system was designed. The first part of the day was spent as a customer. The following is an analysis of that role, based on the notes from my reflection log. Day one went smoothly, as we prepped to present our proposals to CCI. The most salient aspect of the company was the lack of shoes by the bottoms. On day two, we noticed how dysfunctional CCI was; a comment was made that we as customers did not know where we fit into the system. We also noticed how stressed the middles were, from being pulled in a multitude of directions by various constituents. Things turned around slightly on day three, as we were able to procure a contract, and obtain feedback
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Simulation Reflection - SIMULATION REFLECTION 1...

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