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Training Module

Training Module - 1 Terrance Begin by stating that we are a...

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1. Terrance - Begin by stating that we are a consulting group hired by Sprint’s executive team to assess the needs of the organization and implement applicable training to address the needs. We found that Sprint lags behind its top industry competitors in customer service, which is a critical need in Sprint’s business environment. a. No Powerpoint slides needed for this b. Can be said while passing out the Interpersonal Communications Skills Inventory c. Mention something about the performance assessment being a few weeks ago d. Tell them that all PowerPoint slides used will be sent to them in their work emails after every session 2. Terrance - Give the Interpersonal Communications Skills Inventory, Sections I (Sending Clear Messages) and III (Giving and Getting Feedback) a. Tell them that it is to see which customer service skills need to be focused on in subsequent trainings b. After grading, tell them to keep their deficiencies in mind, so they will know which modules to pay special attention to c. I altered the assessment for our use. It is at the end of this document 3. Lakshmi - PowerPoint a. What Customers Want i. Is Prepared ii. Makes Customers Feel Important iii. Listens and Responds to Customer Feelings iv. Meets or Exceeds Customer Needs v. Follows Through vi. Makes Sure Customer is Satisfied vii. Acknowledges the Customer viii. Clarifies Details ix. Asks for Ideas and Offers Suggestions b. What Customers Don’t Want i. Apathy ii. Brush-Off iii. Coldness iv. Condescension v. Robotism vi. Rule Book vii. Run-Around viii. Sideline Conversations ix. Different Standards 4. Resolving Customer Issues a. Cordelia - PowerPoint i. Actions Identified by Customers to Resolve Emotional Issues 1. Dealt With My Being Upset 2. Apologized
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3. Didn't Become Defensive 4. Showed Humility and Poise 5. Followed Up After Complaint
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Training Module - 1 Terrance Begin by stating that we are a...

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