4u c5.04b Medical Cold Packs Lab Report Outline

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Lab Report Outline Investigation 5.1.1 “Medical Cold Packs” on page 347-348 Title Page: Title Name: _______ Class: _______ Teacher: _______ Due Date: _______ A) Purpose Examples: - to investigate . .... (no need for full sentence) - to study . .... (do not copy from text book) - to measure . .... - to find . .... - to identify B) Apparatus and Material - use 2 columns, left column for apparatus and right column for material Example: Bunsen burner copper sulphate retort stand water ..... ..... C) Procedure
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Unformatted text preview: - use past passive voice to describe what you have done in the investigation - number each step from (1) onward. D) Results and Observations- use a chart to summarize all numerical data and observations - other visual observations is required only if it is directly related to the purpose of the investigation E) Analysis and Discussion- step (d): show all formulas and calculation steps in detail F) Conclusion - answer questions in steps (e) (h) - type the questions before the answers...
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