4u c8.4 Lab on Titration

4u c8.4 Lab on Titration - Chemistry SCH 4U Chapter 8 Lab...

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Chemistry SCH 4U Chapter 8 Lab Experiment on: Titration Curves for Acids and Bases Background In this lab you will perform the following two titrations: HCl (aq) with NaOH (aq) (strong acid with strong base) HCOOH (aq) with NaOH (aq) (weak acid with strong base) The concentration of the acids is unknown and the concentration of sodium hydroxide is ~ 0.10 mol/L. For each titration, a pH electrode is used to monitor the acid solution while a solution of the base slowly drips from a burette at a constant rate. Changes in pH will occur as the titration approaches and then passes the equivalence point. A titration curve, which is a graph of pH versus volume of the titrant added, will then be constructed with the aid of the computer software. Objectives 1. To graph and observe the differences in the titration curves when acids of various strengths are titrated with a strong base. 2. To find the unknown concentration of the hydrochloric acid and formic acid through stoichiometric calculations. 3. To estimate the equivalence point pH for each titration using: a) averaging technique b) differentiation technique 4. To calculate the theoretical equivalence point pH. Procedure Preparation for each titration: 1. Obtain and wear goggles. 2. Add about 40 mL of demineralised water to a 250 mL beaker. Use a pipet bulb (or pipet pump) to pipette 10.00 mL of an acid solution into the distilled water in the 250 mL beaker. 3. Place the beaker on a magnetic stirrer and add a stirring bar. If no magnetic stirrer is available, you need to swirl the beaker during the titration. 4. Obtain approximately 60 mL of ~ 0.10 mol/L NaOH (aq) solution in a 250 mL beaker. Obtain a 50 mL buret and rinse the buret with a few mL of the NaOH (aq) solution. Use a utility clamp to attach the buret to the retort stand as shown. Fill the buret a little above the 0.00 mL level of the buret with the NaOH
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4u c8.4 Lab on Titration - Chemistry SCH 4U Chapter 8 Lab...

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