Physics - Ms.Mihai

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Ms. Mihai Mary Arsanious, Clinton Hui, Yunhe Liu, Gavin Wang, Vincent Yap (Group 1) SPH4U1-02   8.7 Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy, Intensive and Extensive Properties Electric Potential and Energy Forces applied at a distance does work on objects (transfer of energy) These forces show similar properties (see below) Note: This simplification only works when the electric field strength,  , is uniform (2 parallel plates) Electric force displacing charged particle from point A to B has an increased ability to do work (increased  electric potential energy E e ) Electric potential energy (E e )  is energy with a charged object Electric potential (V)  is amount of energy any unit charge has at a point in the electric field The  electron volt , eV, is a convenient unit for energy used W 12  = E e2  - E e1 W 12  = F e (d - d 1 ) W 12  = q
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This note was uploaded on 05/31/2011 for the course PSY PHYSICS taught by Professor Kalima during the Spring '09 term at York University.

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Physics - Ms.Mihai

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