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Lecture on Emotion - -Activation brings about changes in...

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Lecture on Emotion How can we promote happiness? What are emotions comprised of? ******* 1. Subjective: might not be visible, own inner experience, pleasant-unpleasant, internal state which feels good or not. Comes with thoughts and questions. Sad about bf left you…feel sense of lost. MY life will not be meaningful again?! Why am I so nervous? Cognitive therapy You finally just got enough courage to say hi to a guy, and he ignores you. How are you going to feel? Thoughts and feelings : Some people think too much and have negative thoughts 2. Physiological Component -Sympathetic nervous system becomes activated -Fight/Flight System
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Unformatted text preview: -Activation brings about changes in breathing…changes respiration and heart rate. This used to prepare us (esp. with fear). In old times, it was a danger to threat. Body becomes wired for action. Now, however, we are not confronted with bears or lions…but body acts as if it was. Vision-pupils dilated: more light to come in Body temp. goes up- You need to cool off (sweaty) Lungs- Passages dilated to get more oxygen in lungs Adrenal glands secrete Digestion inhibited Frontal cortex analysis of situation. Autonmic arousal, endocrine response (adrenalne) 3. Behavioral Component: This is visible -80 facial muscles-...
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