Week 9 Title - Week 9 Title Meaning and People Week 9a...

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Week 9 Title— Meaning and People Week 9a— Gordon— “Is the Existence of God Relevant to the Meaning of Life?” The meaning of life? - Tao rejects the idea of a creater…it’s a force that they believe in -Hume readings (could be a person but it gave us reasons mainly to be spektical) -Socrates (God gives him inspiration to live meanginful life) -Gita( Krishna says comes down to living to your duty…follow up argument you can think of duty to worship God. .he does things for duty too…way to worship God but it is firstly by virtue of own control and no sin (your life is meaningful)…avoid that by doing duty for duties sake) -Gordon says you need God for a primary explanation. -If you do not posit God, there is something absurd about life… -He starts out on a strange foot. He dinstginushes a good life vs meaningful life. - - According to Gordon, this question must be distinguished from the ethical question: what is the good life. The question of the meaning of life is hence not one that answers what life would be worth living, but rather what, if anything, renders life meaningful and not absurd or purposeless. Ranganathan: A criticism from the get-go, is that this distinction itself is odd: if living the good life renders life purposeful, then the two questions are not distinct. -What we want to know what is a life worth living…that is meaningful…he says no. Possible response from Gordon: the question of the meaning of life has to do not with what makes individual lives meaningful, but rather reality as such meaningful. Gordon’s conclusion to his article is an answer to what renders reality meaningful. -We want to know what makes reality meaningful not just my life. This is slightly different than what is the good life. Ranganathan: OK. But that’s really odd, because “meaning of life” is at least linguistically, and perhaps conceptually, distinct from “meaning of reality.” Anyhoo… -But what about death? It is part of reality! Gordon himself clarifies the issue thus: “The question I am asking, then, is whether, however satisfactory their lives may seem to any number of non-believers, an objectively defensible affirmation of the meaningfulness of human life in fact requires that God exist. -Trys to disnguish between good life vs meaningful life…ppl may live good life but not live with the conformity of truth in it and if no place for God, there is something meaningless. Gordon’s Conclusion Life is meaningful only if it is (a) beautiful and (b) this beauty is
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not accidental, but the intention of a creator. - If (b) fails, then the world might be beautiful, but accidentally beautiful. - If it is accidentally beautiful, then it is not meaningfully beautiful. -Main reason why thinking God has to exist…he is not saying that we cant go on saffire and see
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Week 9 Title - Week 9 Title Meaning and People Week 9a...

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