Week 10 Title - Week 10 Title Luck Week 10a Nagel...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 10 Title Luck Week 10a Nagel "Moral Luck"-Living ethical life-good comparise..its not just about me, I live a life that reflects my choices but also good for everyone else. I am not worried about whats the pointI am concerned about being a good person. -Moral Luck: Whether something turns out well has a lot to do with factors outside of our controls. This undermines meaningfulness of ethical lifeit adds to notion being good helps but its not enoughyou need to be a bit lucky. -Aristotle: we need to be virtuous but if it ends tragically nobody can say its not worth living. -Living life is like a character in a novel. -A life dedicated to doing right thing implies that our life is meaningful. -We want to hold people responsible for actionsbut it does have a lot to do with luck One way to get rid of luck: Kants View on Moral Goodness-Only good thing is the good willintends to do good thing. The good will is not good because of what it effects or accomplishes or because of its adequacy to achieve some proposed end; it is good only because of its willing, i.e., it is good of itself. And, regarded for itself, it is to be esteemed incomparably higher than anything which could be brought about by it in favor of any inclination or even of the sum total of all inclinations. Even if it should happen that, by a particularly unfortunate fate or by the niggardly provision of a stepmotherly nature, this will should be wholly lacking in power to accomplish its purpose, and if even the greatest effort should not avail it to achieve anything of its end, and if there remained only the good will (not as a mere wish but as the summoning of all the means in our power), it would sparkle like a jewel in its own right, as something that had its full worth in itself. Usefulness or fruitlessness can neither diminish nor augment this worth.-goodness of will subjectively determined-someone could get praised for wanting to do good thing. -Bad will-intends to do something evilif it does something good by chance, it is still bad. -He wants to keep chance out of it so he has this funny viewbecause ethics seems to be a funny business. -Moral luck suggests something else is going on-Its not about getting upset about fortuneidea that we do not care about the chanceswe treat them as though they are responsibleso responsible for outcome. -Deontology -Moral luck comes in with conseqentialism -Moral luck we cannot get rid of. There is a wheel of fortune aspect in life. Corollary of Kants View Bad will is bad regardless of whether it accomplishes its evil ends. Motive for Kants View Goodness and Badness of a will cannot be a function of luck or chance, which plays a great part in determining whether an action has good or bad consequences....
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Week 10 Title - Week 10 Title Luck Week 10a Nagel...

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