Week 11 Title - Week 11 Title Work Week 11a Marx Alienated...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 11 Title Work Week 11a Marx Alienated Labour-, .- Estranged Labour or Alienated Labour is an excerpt from Marxs posthumously published Economic and Philosophical Manuscript It sets out the dialectical nature of capital, as a function of the alienated labour of the workan alienation that sets the labour of the worker as a force against the worker-Marx-certain economic systems that define our relationship with work. Capatalism:still very dominanthow they sent up dynamics for workerwhat it does it alients them from themselves (the worker) The Marxist notion of human essence, and hence, freedom, is set out in detail Labor as a Commodity Marx holds a law of political economy : the more the worker produces the less he has to consume, the more values he creates the more valueless and worthless he becomes, the more formed the product the more deformed the worker, the more civilized the product the more barbaric the worker, the more powerful the work the more powerless becomes the worker, the more cultured the work the more philistine the worker becomes and more of a slave to nature. ( Economic and Philosophical Manuscript )- Labour and Capitalism Under Capitalism, labor is treated as a commodity that can be appropriated. This appropriation turns into the alienation of the worker for the more he creates the less he has for himself.-You can sell your labor you can go to a facotory and you can contract with esablishementyou are there to do something and what you produce is not your ownyou just get a pay cheack for the time and labor for commodities. Marx-this is appropriation (what we do and what we predouce cant be disntingushed from us) cant be cut away from us. Take away fruits of actions=handicapping you!-Workers who are very efficient are copenated less(ie.slave labor)-Because it is possible to treat individuals as replacable workers so you can be replacedso it provides this pressure to demand less compensationif you are not efficient you will get firedout of fear they work very efficient and very long hours and they get paid less! This results in a slavery of the worker to his product. The product the worker produces permits him to exist as a worker and as a physical subject-That worker, could never afford what they make (addias shoes in sweat shopits a slave drive) The climax of the slavery is that the worker must maintain themselves in this system that alienates the worker from his labour-existence is reducedall your allowed is bare necessities. -Notion of we all have to increase productivity, expect less compensationwe have to be more effiencet and we produce more and earn less. Sets up strange phenomena: Working for the weekend ....
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Week 11 Title - Week 11 Title Work Week 11a Marx Alienated...

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