Week 12 Title - Week 12 Title Yoga Week 12a Patajali Yoga...

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Week 12 Title— Yoga Week 12a— Patañjali— Yoga Sūtra (Book I) Patañjali Legendary author of the Yoga S tra ū According to a major tradition in Indian thought, this text forms the foundation for the practice what is known as “yoga” The philosophy it articulates is “Yoga” Basic Commitments of the Yoga Sūtra Reality is split into two categories of realities: Nature ( Prak ti ), and Persons ( Puru a ) Nature is comprised of three categories: sattva (intention, cognition ), rajas (activity, transformation), and tamas ( inertia, extension) Why People are different from Nature Whereas Nature can be studied via the causes that constitute it , people, in contrast, cannot be treated as objects of Nature People in contrast must do according to good reason, but a good reason does not cause anything Minds and Bodies As minds and bodies can be defined and studied scientifically as constituted by causes, they are not the same as persons Persons can know and will, and they hence require a mind and a body to live What goes wrong What usually goes wrong is that people indentify with specific thoughts, moods and feelings When they do this, they live a life that does not reflect who they are for it is founded on an incorrect orientation People are not their thoughts, or feelings, rather thoughts and feelings are data that people can inspect and criticize People are rather entities that must act in a manner that is reasonable Hence they must constrain their will, and hence calm their mind to allow it a clear intellect and ethical action that flows from personal autonomy, not fear or reactivity Yoga Yoga is the practice of yoking our personhood to our mind and body, so that our mind and body reflects us as people When we succeed in yoga, we abide in our own essence . Failure to abide in our own essence constitutes a state of ill health where
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Week 12 Title - Week 12 Title Yoga Week 12a Patajali Yoga...

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