Week 12b - Week 12b Patajali Yoga Stra (Book II-III.8)...

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Week 12b— Patañjali— Yoga Sūtra (Book II-III.8) Definition of Yoga as Practice: Three Parts - Yoga sutra has 4 books…we will cover book 1 and 2 and book 3 (sutra 8) -Last class, we talked about what it is for a person to live a meaningful life…We can understand it(reality) under 2 categories: nature or persons Nature-causes and effects (antying that happens was made to happen because of something before it) Persons- They are the explanation for why they did it…if someone is forced it doesn’t reflect who they are… Funny things: people have bodies and minds constituted by nature and this is just a fact. -We need this or else no self understanding… -Thus we can always rely on causal expliantions for everything because our mind and body is nature…but then we cant view ourselves as free -Now what we end up doing is treat our selves as unfree because we attribute any way of being because of prior conditions…we give up on freedom and we try to us eour own power… -peple get sick because they give up on freedom. -Don’t allow life to be dictated by nature but allow it be something that expresses who we are as people…we must take responsibility for life… we shoudnt nature to do work to do work for us(or else we will get sick). -Inorder to take over life and reflect you as a person and not statisitically annominally… -Book1=yoga=control of thought-if we don’t control thought, we identify with thoughts and feelings and thus are not free. Austerities-Must practice this…When you go to yoga(western) you do something difficult with body and you push those boundaries -essential component. - Psychological Self-Criticism -self study: critical attitude to our thoughts and feelings. .wrt reasonable or not? Pscyconalsys. .find orgions if they are ones that are not our intesrt or not…don’t be ruled by prejudices, fear, reaction
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-Self study: look at mental phenomena understand that they have a causal entity Meditation on the Ideal Person -Its not God…you need to do work. .philosphically engaged… -Ishra-intellectual health…philosophically engaged in perfection, freedom etc. -Live life that reflects you
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Week 12b - Week 12b Patajali Yoga Stra (Book II-III.8)...

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