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D03514830 E-commerce for Small Business Instructor: Paul Marino Case Study Questions. 1. Explain how Google generates revenue and identify future levels of revenue given some of the risk factors are for future revenue generation. Many fundraising and nonprofit organizations in the recession appropriately feel pressure to spend their dollars on direct service delivery to those in need and severely limit investments in knowledge and capacity building let alone data analytics. However, non-profit organizations who are high performing forward thinkers recognize that even in these difficult times, it is critical to invest in data analytics in order to know your customers better. Google generates its revenue by offering advertisers the ability to target their ads to highly specific segments of customers they are interested in reaching. Based on keywords you type and other information Google has collected about you, you receive targeted advertisements that are likely to appeal to you. As an organization enters a new campaign season it is crucial to leverage donor data to target your message. The days of donor communication using the “one size fits all” mass marketing approach are largely history. To keep your donors’ attention, you need to target messages to them highlighting aspects of your organization’s work that are attuned to their interests and demographic profile. That requires that
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google case study - Vinash Persad D03514830 E-commerce for...

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