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Running head: DEBATE FOR THE 16TH CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT 1 Debate for the 16th Constitutional Amendment Joey D. Finley Kaplan University Federal Tax AC256 Emil Koren May 23, 2011
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Debate for the 16th Constitutional Amendment Tax Protestor 16-Amendment arguments are assertions that the imposition of US Federal income tax is illegal because the 16-Amendment to the United State constitution was never properly ratified ("Not Properly Ratified," 2011). A clever scam, perhaps more hoax than scam, used by those who want to convince you that federal taxes are unconstutional. Their argument is that federal taxes are unconstutional because not all 50 states ratified the 16-amendment to our constitution. What they fail to mention is that not all fifty states are required to ratify an Amendment in order to implement is as US law. Sixteenth Amendment ratification arguments have been rejected in every court case where they have been raised and have identified as legally frivolous. Some argued that because
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FedTax_JoeyFinley_Unit_1_Homework Part_B_Paper.doc -...

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