Self Reflection Managerial Accounting

Self Reflection Managerial Accounting - Running head SELF...

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Running head: SELF REFLECTION MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING 1 Self Reflection Managerial Accounting Joey D. Finley Kaplan University Managerial Accounting AC239 Edward Kaplan May 10, 2011
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Self Reflection Managerial Accounting I believe as an accountant major understanding how the economy works in a recession and in good times will give me an edge in understanding how companies respond when the economy changes and why companies make major decisions that impact their business, stockholders and employees. Understanding the economy will give me as accountant knowledge in understanding Financial Statements and reporting earnings to shareholders. I believe this ongoing knowledge of the economy will prepare me in my current position as a Staff Accountant and as a Certified Public Accountant in business for the future. Having effectively spent these 10 weeks in this class, I am grateful for the knowledge that has been imparted to me and the outstanding engagement of our professor as we progress professionally. Here are some of the concepts that have made me a stronger candidate and aid in
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Self Reflection Managerial Accounting - Running head SELF...

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