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HIS week 2-1 - Roosevelt energizes the country with the...

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HIS week 2-1 The elections of 1912 came down to a four way race of William Howard Taft, Eugene Debs, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson for the presidencies. Each candidate faces his own issues during the race. William Howard Taft ran on the platform of highlight that political parties had the responsibility to support and defend the basics constitutional principles. Woodrow Wilson pushes forth a "New Freedom" version of progressivism, which set antitrust measures and state regulations as an alternative to the growth of national administrative power. Theodore
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Unformatted text preview: Roosevelt energizes the country with the pure democracy movement, a democracy free corrupt influence and of the special interests. Then there is Eugene Debs who run in the elections but didn’t do much of anything when he ran. The national spirit must be expressed not only in a short overjoyed moment of electoral result, but in persistent, determined, competent everyday of what the nation has decided to do. The people of the nation what change, the government needed to reform and that what the people voted for and that what they got....
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