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Week 2-2 After looking through the poster the one I can relate to is the poster with a soldier running across the battle field with the caption saying (Victory is a question of stamina) and a list of foods to save. It is telling everyone that our Soldiers are fighting hard and need your help to win, by save the foods needed to keep our Soldier going. By seeing this poster family’s with Soldier serving would do all that can to help their love ones get home.
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Unformatted text preview: The other poster I saw was an American Red Cross poster with an nurse standing by an injured Soldier. It has the caption (what are you doing to help?) For someone at that time it would make them question their loyalty to there nation and there family. It was poster like this one and many more poster that pull the country together at such a hard time in our countries history by helping out our Soldier, Sailors and Marines anyway they could....
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