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Week 4-2 War is Hell and I think any Soldier who has been anywhere close to combat can understand. I reading about the Vietnam soldier named Lt. William Dean who severed in the 101 st Airborne Division in 1969. His experience brought back many memories for me as I read his story. First strong impression was the horrible smell that hits you in the face and the heat was like stepping in an over. You will spend a few days on one basic until you move to your place of duty. There are the days of peace and quiet and then there are the night that you are wake up by rocket attack where you spend the rest of your night in a bucker. Then you have to do patrol for days at a time in and around the jungle. A lot of American soldier did this to set up ambushes and to stop movement of Vietcong forces in to local villages but that discover more Vietcong ambushes. Many Soldiers did everything that could to escape their life of war.
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Unformatted text preview: WW-II was fought against an enemy that was very well trained, uniformed and a well equipped military. We knew who our enemy was because they wore a distinct uniform and was supported by identifiable marking. In WW-II you could looking on a map and know where the front lines were with no trouble. Back home the America people know what their love one were fighting for and understood the price that may have to pay. Vietnam was unlike any war we have been in our short history. Most of the enemy didn’t have a uniform or anything that you could easily identifiable them with and from the time you set foot in Vietnam you were never sure where the enemy was or how many because they used the jungle and local villages to infuse themselves into the area, making war on their terms. The Vietcong force never truly met the US Forces head on often. http://vietnamexp.com/morestories/dean1.htm...
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