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Unformatted text preview: Review questions for the final exam 1. Why is the risk of acute aflatoxin poisoning greater in poor than in wealthy countries? a. Poorer countries have inadequate storage facilities i. Stored grains cannot be kept dry and fungal growth cannot be prevented. b. They have few or no alternative foods so they have no choice but to consume the contaminated grains. 2. What are fumonisins and how can they affect the health of humans or animals? a. Fumonisins are a mycotoxin found on corn i. Happens because a corn ear worm predisposes corn to ear rot b. People are exposed to more fumonisins have a higher rate of esophological cancer c. Horses suffered from brain damage. 3. How were fumonisins discovered? a. Fumonisins were discovered when horses ate contaminated grain and suffered brain damage. 4. How can fumonisin contamination of corn be prevented? a. Biological pesticides -> contain bacterium (Bt) i. Bt produces a protein that kills insects ii. Corn modified in this way is referred to as Bt corn 5. What is the most common way that fungi affect human health? a. Allergies 6. Why is toxic mold a concern and how can one deal effectively with an infestation? a. Toxins in the spores cause: sore throat, fatigues, dermatitis, rash, hair loss, and suppress the immune system. b. One can fix the problem by sterilizing the infected area with bleach or removing the colonized material. 7. Why are antibacterial drugs (aka antibiotics) more plentiful than anti- fungal drugs? a. There is not a large market for anti-fungal drugs since fungal diseases are not as common. b. Since fungal cells are similar to human cells (eukaryotic) it is difficult to find drugs that do not also affect humans. 8. Why are people receiving radiation or chemo-therapy at higher risk of fungal infections? a. Because they have a depressed immune system from the radiation and chemotherapy. 9. What are dermatophytes? a. Superficial infectons: nail, skin, hair 10.Why are skin infections on feet more common than on hands?...
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final_review_questions - Review questions for the final...

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