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Design Quiz 1 Notes

Design Quiz 1 Notes - Lecture One Notes Objectified by Gary...

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Lecture One Notes: - Objectified by Gary Hustwit o Jonathan Ive o Andrew Blauvelt o Mark Newson o Karim Rashid - “Big” Questions o Who are the people of design? o What is the place of design in our society? o Is design most important as an element of commerce, or are there other ways to conceive of design’s role? - Design as a conversation? Lecture Two Notes: - Charles and Ray Eames Design Q&A o Herman Miller Group (based in Michigan) - J-P Jeunet Amelie (2001) - “Etymology” = the word’s history o Design as anticipation; capture of the elusive! o “Nearly, almost, about, or approximately” o Signified not only the vague, intangible, or ambiguous; but also to capture the elusive o Signare (Latin, “to mark”) o ARTIST Cy Twombly Wilder Shores of Love , 1985 o Disegno (Italian) Lecture Three Note: - Briar Pipe= industrial product, formerly handcrafted - LeCorbusier Toward an Architecture , 1923 - Rene Margritte The Treason of Images (oil painting) o Words & images JUXTAPOSED o Not actually a pipe, just an image of it
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