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ANT 139B NOTES - • Looks and pre-oedipal and oedipal...

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ANT 139B NOTES Sherry Ortner Natural vs. Cultural Theory o Physical, social, psychological contribute to Michelle Rosaldo Domestic vs. Public Theory o Men = public sphere Position = achievement o Women = domestic sphere Position = natural Women have informal authority (domestic, familial) Universal facts not reducible to biology o Reproduction and lactation produce the functional basis for the domestic sphere Difference between domestic & public gives social power & authority to men. o Women take care of children happens in home. Political life by definition = beyond home. Judith Butler Nancy Chodorow Explains how masculine and feminine personalities and rolls are reproduced. Bridge gap between biological determinism & deliberation socialization o Women’s role in early child care = key to the difference
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Unformatted text preview: • Looks and pre-oedipal and oedipal stages • Development of Child o Boy Denial of attachment > Repression & Devaluation of feminitiy > Identication with fantasied father o Girl Identification with mother, transfer of sexual desire, not a full rejection of mother Lacan • Triad: Real, Imaginary Symbolic o Alienation, Desire, Gaze • DIFFERENCES FROM FREUD: o F assumed that at some point each person could have a stable self. o Lacan questioned notion of self & truth o ?’s how knowledge is produced and how knowledge can be complete if we only know conscious and are unaware of unconscious • ADD MORE ABOUT LACANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! Freud • Lila Abu-Lughod • Sarah Lamb • Julie Bettie • Michael Messner • Michael Kimmel • Frank Barrett • David Guttman •...
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