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Letter to a European Philosopher

Letter to a European Philosopher - Barbara Smith 805 Lane...

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Barbara Smith 805 Lane Dr. Lake Park GA, 31636 May 26, 2011 Aristotle Stagiritis Dear Mr. Aristotle Stagiritis, I am eager follower of your ethics and particularly find the doctrine of “The Golden Mean” wherein the right path lies in moderation applicable justly to real- life situations. Your philosophies have been accepted by millions all over the world and lasted the trails of changing times and scenario. However, with due respect, I would like to state that I tend to disagree with your doctrine of men naturally ruling over women and excluding women from the political sphere. According to your philosophy, men tend to be more rational than women on basis of natural distinctions and hence for the establishment of a proper state, it is necessary that men rule over women since they are more rational. In other words, women are less capable of logic and reason, and should not be included in the political sphere. Nonetheless it may be true that due to biological differences, women are born
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