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WK 4 DISCUSSION 1 - ORourkes(2010 states that we learn to...

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O’Rourke’s (2010) states that we learn to behave and communicate in certain ways, and to interpret the meanings of those behaviors, as we grow up in our culture (257). In scrolling down while reading within the Nonverbal Process section our expectation can be altered (258). For example, if for 6 months John is joyful and talkative and then all of a sudden for days adding up to months he is mean, standoffish, and careless of people then your expectations change of him. Non –verbal behavior has affected my communication in ways that have made me wonder why a person was looking at me a certain way or treated me a certain way after from everybody else. It has even upset me before because I expected the person to say something and they chose not to which showed them that they got to me in a way I shouldn’t have allowed. It has made an individual think that I was angry or upset with them. The individual also felt disrespected because they felt that verbally speaking was the most effective means of communication for
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