Conformity: A Brief Essay

Conformity: A Brief Essay - Professor Scheiwe Art and Craft...

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Professor Scheiwe Art and Craft of Writing 12 October 2009 Conformity and the 1950’s The 1950’s were a decade of American history in which the citizenry was beginning to prosper. Thanks to the industrial revolution – spurred onward by the need for labor in World War Two – the United States had a booming economy centered on providing services, and providing them as quickly as possible. With this new era of prosperity came a wave of conformity. This was clearly evident in aspects of the new social culture; the rise of the fast food industry, the affordable housing built at Levittown. While some may debate the problems associated with conformity, this particular era of conformity was essential to the continuation of the American dream in the 50’s, and beyond. For hundreds of years, the measure of a man’s wealth has been measured by the content of his stomach. With this, it is important to study the rise of the fast food industry. McDonalds – founded by the McDonalds brothers in 1937 – was one of the first corporations to apply Henry Ford’s assembly line in a restaurant setting. The McDonalds brothers had noticed that the American way of life was changing; speeding up, and that “Americans were becoming ever more mobile” (Halberstam 157). Realizing that the only way to run a successful business is by catering to what people want, the brothers dropped most items off their menu and started focusing on the burger. Next the company redesigned their stores and even invented new stainless-steel six foot grills to cook the food
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on more quickly. Soon the chain was seeing astronomical profits by selling
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Conformity: A Brief Essay - Professor Scheiwe Art and Craft...

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