Sufism - selected has to have some sort of authorization to...

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Arab World Seminar Prof. Daoud 14 September 2009 Sufism: What is it? Sufism is largely a form of Islamic mysticism, which has been practiced since the Quran was written. The main idea of Sufism is that the believer must turn his/her heart away from everything else and towards god. Most interesting about the Sufi is that while most Muslims believe that they are on a path to god – and will reach him in death – the Sufi believe that it is possible to be close to god in this life. Sufism utilizes some very unique rituals, which allow spiritual Muslims to achieve a direct encounter with their God. Muhammad is considered their most prominent prophet, and was the embodiment of a successful connection to god in life. To start, Sufism begins once the individual finds a teacher; it is essential for sufi to have a teacher, as this connection is vital to the spiritual growth of the pupil. To be authentic, the teacher
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Unformatted text preview: selected has to have some sort of authorization to teach another. Interestingly this is an unbroken succession of teachers which can be traced back to Sufism's origin and to the prophet Muhammad. One of the more pleasing aspects of this idea is that Sufism can be practiced with almost any religious belief. The Sufis consider their system to be the very “heart” of all other religion -- this means that no one specific faith/idea is questioned. Each person can follow their own beliefs, church or admired religious figure. The true form of Sufi philosophy is “universal in nature” to all religions; everyone can learn something from Sufism.
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Sufism - selected has to have some sort of authorization to...

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